Wondering what a 529 is? Or why it’s the best way to save for college? Check out these resources and learn how to get started saving for college — and on your taxes.

What is a 529?

A 101 on your 529: from taxes to interest to earnings.


Discover the versatility, potential, and tax advantages of a 529 plan.

How Much Do I Need?

Plug in your child’s age and your savings situation, and we’ll estimate your future college costs.

When to Save

Learn how early, and often, you should be contributing to your savings.

Taxes & Expenses

When choosing how to save for college, choose a plan that allows you to save on taxes and is easy to spend on a variety of college expenses. Learn more about tax deductions when saving with a 529, what higher education expenses qualify for a withdrawal, and how a 529 affects your financial aid.

Common Tax Questions

Learn how to deduct contributions from your taxes, and what college expenses qualify for tax-free withdrawals.

Financial Aid

A 529 doesn’t negatively affect your financial aid — and a dollar saved is better than a dollar borrowed. Here’s why.

Investments 101

Knowing the basics of how your funds can be invested helps you make the smartest decisions about your savings, and betters your chances of growing them.

Know Your Risk Tolerance

Take our risk tolerance questionnaire to determine what investing style is better for you.

Investment Options

Learn the differences between our investment portfolios: Age-Based, Target, and Individual.

Compare Plans

See how a 529 stacks up against other college savings options.

Getting Started

What You’ll Need

Before you open an account, here’s what you’ll need to have on hand.

Open an Account

Ready to start saving? Opening a Bright Start account online is easy.


View and get answers to the most commonly asked questions about a Bright Start 529 College Savings Plan.

Giving a Gift

You or a loved one can make a tax-free contribution to your beneficiary’s account through GiftED.

More Resources

Educational Videos

See our Study Hall videos to learn more about saving for college with Bright Start.


Stay up to date on everything college savings, including tips, and upcoming events.


Our free online webinars feature 529 experts giving you college savings advice and pointers.

Helpful Websites

To explore more college savings resources, view our list of trusted sites for further learning.