Educational Video Library

Watch these short and educational videos that provide helpful college savings tips and Bright Start 529 information.
WATCH: Save on Taxes by Rolling Over to Bright Start
Learn about rolling over an out-of-state 529 plan to Bright Start, where you can deduct up to $20,000 of contributions from state income taxes (if married and filing jointly). Discover everything you need to know about rollovers and Bright Start tax benefits, and when you’re ready, download a rollover form.
WATCH: Why College Matters and Why You Should Start Saving Now
See how rising college costs mean you should start saving soon with a 529 college savings plan like Bright Start. But how do you know when to get started? Learn how much you need and use our calculator to estimate what college will cost your child.
WATCH: Why Bright Start is a Smart Way to Save for College
Learn what types of schools, and what types of qualified higher education expenses you can use Bright Start savings for. Then, find the right investment options for your needs, and learn about Bright Start’s benefits, like tax advantages.
WATCH: Creative Ways to Save for College
See how it might be easier than you think to save for college, especially with Bright Start. There’s plenty of ways to save, but the benefits of this 529 savings plan –– like tax advantages, the GiftED program, and a variety of investment options –– are part of why Bright Start is one of the most highly rated 529s in the nation.
WATCH: How to Open a Bright Start Account
This video walks you through how to open your Bright Start account, so you can save smarter for college. Need help deciding what type of investment style is best for you? Take the risk tolerance questionnaire and view available investment options. Then, gather what you’ll need to get started, and when you’re ready, you can open an account.
WATCH: Save for Any Dream with Bright Start
Start saving for college and your child is covered — no matter their dream. A Bright Start 529 college savings account is versatile, allowing you to save for almost any school or college expense.
WATCH: Invest Early and Watch College Savings Grow with Bright Start
Put the money you’re saving for your child’s college to work with investment options in a Bright Start 529 college savings plan. When you invest early, you can watch their college savings grow as their dreams grow.
WATCH: Learn the Power of Saving at Bright Start’s College Savings U
Discover the power of saving early with Bright Start’s College Savings U. With articles, calculators, and explainers, you can learn how opening a Bright Start 529 college savings account early can help make your child’s dreams a reality.