Index Age-Based and Target Portfolios
As of September 28, 2023
PriceChange ($)Change (%)YTD (%)Expense Ratio (%)1
Index Age-Based Aggressive
Ages 0-2$15.510.100.658.610.115
Ages 3-5$
Ages 6-8$14.730.080.557.210.115
Ages 9-10$
Ages 11-12$13.700.060.445.550.125
Ages 13-14$
Ages 15-16$12.800.050.394.150.125
Ages 17-18$
Ages 19+$11.760.030.262.800.115
Index Age-Based Moderate
Ages 0-2$
Ages 3-5$14.730.080.557.210.115
Ages 6-8$
Ages 9-10$13.700.060.445.550.125
Ages 11-12$
Ages 13-14$12.800.050.394.150.125
Ages 15-16$
Ages 17-18$11.760.030.262.800.115
Ages 19+$
Index Age-Based Conservative
Ages 0-2$14.730.080.557.210.115
Ages 3-5$
Ages 6-8$13.700.060.445.550.125
Ages 9-10$
Ages 11-12$12.800.050.394.150.125
Ages 13-14$
Ages 15-16$11.760.030.262.800.115
Ages 17-18$
Ages 19+$10.850.010.092.360.095
Index Target
Index Equity Portfolio$15.510.100.658.610.115
Index Balanced Portfolio$13.700.060.445.550.125
Index Fixed Income Portfolio$10.850.010.092.360.095
Multi-Firm Age-Based and Target Portfolios
As of September 28, 2023
PriceChange ($)Change (%)YTD (%)Expense Ratio (%)1
Age-Based Aggressive
Ages 0-2$15.390.100.659.070.400
Ages 3-5$
Ages 6-8$14.700.080.557.770.390
Ages 9-10$
Ages 11-12$13.720.060.446.110.380
Ages 13-14$13.370.060.455.280.380
Ages 15-16$12.820.050.394.650.360
Ages 17-18$12.320.040.333.880.340
Ages 19+$11.910.030.253.300.310
Age-Based Moderate
Ages 0-2$
Ages 3-5$14.700.080.557.770.390
Ages 6-8$
Ages 9-10$13.720.060.446.110.380
Ages 11-12$13.370.060.455.280.380
Ages 13-14$12.820.050.394.650.360
Ages 15-16$12.320.040.333.880.340
Ages 17-18$11.910.030.253.300.310
Ages 19+$11.380.020.182.610.250
Age-Based Conservative
Ages 0-2$14.700.080.557.770.390
Ages 3-5$
Ages 6-8$13.720.060.446.110.380
Ages 9-10$13.370.060.455.280.380
Ages 11-12$12.820.050.394.650.360
Ages 13-14$12.320.040.333.880.340
Ages 15-16$11.910.030.253.300.310
Ages 17-18$11.380.020.182.610.250
Ages 19+$10.930.010.092.530.170
Balanced Portfolio$13.720.060.446.110.380
Fixed Income Portfolio$10.930.010.092.530.170
Equity Portfolio $15.390.100.659.070.400
Individual Fund Portfolios
As of September 28, 2023
PriceChange ($)Change (%)YTD (%)Expense Ratio (%)1
Bank Savings 529 Portfolio
Bank Savings 529 Portfolio2$
Money Market 529 Portfolio
Vanguard Federal Money Market 529 Portfolio*$
Fixed Income 529 Portfolios
Baird Short-Term Bond 529 Portfolio$10.850.010.092.550.400
Vanguard Short-Term Inflation-Protected Securities Index 529 Portfolio$11.580.
Vanguard Total Bond Market Index 529 Portfolio$9.940.020.20-1.000.105
Dodge & Cox Income Fund 529 Portfolio$10.680.020.190.380.510
Vanguard Total International Bond Index 529 Portfolio$10.22-0.03-0.291.890.145
U.S. Equity 529 Portfolios
Vanguard 500 Index 529 Portfolio$
DFA U.S. Large Cap Value 529 Portfolio$13.340.080.602.770.320
T. Rowe Price Large-Cap Growth 529 Portfolio$
Ariel 529 Portfolio$
Vanguard Total Stock Market Index 529 Portfolio$15.600.100.6512.550.095
DFA U.S. Targeted Value 529 Portfolio$15.750.171.094.650.390
Vanguard Explorer 529 Portfolio$
International Equity 529 Portfolios
Vanguard Total International Stock Index 529 Portfolio$11.930.060.515.110.145
DFA International Small Company 529 Portfolio$11.580.080.703.390.490
Real Estate 529 Portfolio
Vanguard Real Estate Index 529 Portfolio$11.420.121.06-5.620.155

Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future performance. Investment return and principal value will fluctuate, and you may have a gain or loss when you sell your shares. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data above. Performance information is current as of the most recent timeframe referenced above and is net of the underlying fund expenses, the 0.075% program management fee, and the 0.025% state fee (0.00% state fee on index portfolios).

1Expense ratio information is the total annual underlying fund expenses for the investment funds that make up each Portfolio. Expense ratios are as of the most recent Program Disclosure Statement dated November 15, 2022 and also include the 0.075% program management fee and the 0.025% state fee (0.00% state fee on index portfolios).back

2The underlying omnibus bank accounts annual percentage yield is 5.53% as of August 1, 2023. This rate is variable and subject to change at any time. There is no minimum balance required to obtain this rate. Interest earnings realized by participants will be reduced by the program management fee and state administrative fee.back

*You could lose money by investing in this investment option. Although the money market fund in which your investment option invests (the “underlying fund”) seeks to preserve its value at $1.00 per share, the underlying fund cannot guarantee it will do so. An investment in this investment option is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency. The underlying fund’s sponsor has no legal obligation to provide financial support to the underlying fund, and you should not expect that the sponsor will provide financial support to the underlying fund at any time.back

For more information about the risks associated with each Portfolio and underlying investments, read the Program Disclosure Statement and the fund prospectus. The Portfolios’ risks are directly related to the risks of the underlying funds.